The howling cannibal in the desert is a mouse

Grasshopper mice are sometimes referred to as the wolves of the desert, because they howl like a wolf before attacking their prey (preferably biting off their heads). They might look harmless and maybe even cute, but these little rodents don’t make much out of grains and nuts, they like meat.

They get their name from their appetite for Grasshoppers – but being immune to venom – they’ll eat scorpions, tarantulas and even snakes when they get a chance. And if the little missy gets on his nerves, he’ll eat her too. The little howlers are extremely aggressive and don’t care much for company, if kept in captivity they tend to eat each other, making it difficult for scientists to study their social behavior.

Next time you hear a mouse howling, keep your distance, you never know what these critters are capable of.