Is your V12 Mercedes too slow?

Is your Mercedes S65 sedan just a little too sluggish? Do you think it is existentially important to be able to accelerate from 0-60 in less than the stated 4.2 seconds? Is 160 mph really not enough when you’re in a hurry to get the kids to school or getting to that very important hairdresser appointment on time? Then I would recommend a short trip to good old Germany to check out the high performance tuners from Brabus.

The BRABUS Rocket 900 could be what you are looking for if you want a bit more oomph. It is just what its name implies, a family friendly rocket with four doors.

With 662KW(887 bhp) power, an acceleration from 0-60 mph in less than 3.7 seconds, a maximum speed of 217 mph and a price tag around $450,000 it is worth considering (if you have that kind of cash in your pocket). For the businessman, who needs to work on the road, they also offer business packages that could easily add another $500,000 to the bill.

Unfortunately they have not yet found a solution for rush hour traffic.