10 Point Checklist for Responsive Web Design

With the boom of smart phone usage and the evolution of smart devices, it has become necessary to have a responsive web design. A responsive web design is that which fits itself to any size of the screen and perform functions accordingly.The objective behind a responsive site is to have a site which changes itself accordingly when viewed on different smart devices of various sizes. You can learn more about why your site need to be responsive.

Mobile web designing was there since long ago when web developers kept on finding ways to modify their websites just to make them look attractive on mobile phones.

The responsive website does not sense the device type but adapts itself to its screen size.

Since now we have an idea about what responsiveness is. So, you must make sure if your site is responsive or not.

Here is a check list for you to make sure.

1. Prioritized Content
Make sure you prioritize the most important and relevant information on the top of your website.

2. Design Consistency

Check if there is a consistency in design like how the pictures are aligned, text is aligned etc.

3. Readability
Check whether the content is readable at all resolutions. Make sure it is easy and clear to read on all the devices.

4. Input Modalities
Look for all the potential and current input modalities for e.g. tap friendly menus, inputs from various keyboards, styluses, fingers and others.

5. CTAs
Make sure CTA buttons are easily accessible and touch friendly on all the devices

6. Compatibility

Check whether your website is compatible with cross browsing

7. Typography

If the written text isn’t readable then everything is a waste make sure typography is readable and error free.

8. Optimized search
Make sure your website is optimized for mobile searches too.

9. URL

Make sure there are no separate URLs for mobile devices

10. Mobile friendly downloading

Check if the content and images on the website are rich enough to make downloading mobile-friendly

Mobile usage has taken place of desktop usage and it has become even more necessary for Responsive web development services to ensure that your website is responsive. With this growing trend of mobile phones, Google has started to boost mobile-friendly pages in the search results.
People who are planning to startup with responsive web designs and even who simply want to learn more, can make use of this check list.Those who want to opt responsive web design. They should first make use of this checklist as just for their starting point and then further be sure to investigate, test and explore other options. There are innumerable tools and resources when we talk about responsive designs. Mobile phone users are only going to increase in number and hence to meet the expectations of the increasing number of users, implementation and thorough testing of Responsive Web Designs is an amazing way to set your site and meet the expectations.