10 Features That Your Travel App Needs To Attract Customers

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Travel apps are a great way of planning one’s trips and as a result with each day more and more people are shifting to them for their travel related queries and bookings. If you are planning on creating a travel app, the competitions are tough with tons of apps to fight against. Therefore, it is important to ensure that your app has some interesting and useful features for that extra edge.

Itinerary genie

Planning an itinerary requires days and hours of research work. Make it easy for your prospective clients by creating an effective itinerary maker to save them that trouble and help them draw up the best plans for them.

Customisation tools

Every client has unique needs and thus, the same trip plans cannot work on everyone. Therefore, it is important to offer them customisation tools to enter their unique traveling needs for the plans best suited to their convenience.

Review options

Travellers can benefit immensely from reviews of other travelers and therefore it is a good idea to let your users review and upload photos of various tourist spots, hotels, restaurants, malls etc so that people can use these to plan their trips more efficiently.

Weather info

Travellers need to know about the weather of the destination in order to be prepared. For example, while people think UK is uniformly freezing but it has wide variations of weather. Therefore, it is important for them to be able to view the weather to understand what to pack.

Time zone clock

Tie differences can be quite a bit of a trouble, even within a country. For example, some traveling from New York to Seattle would like to be able to see the time differences without complex calculation. A multi-time zone clock is essential.

Currency calculator

Currency conversion rates change every day and hence it can be quite annoying for users to have con constantly switch tabs to calculate prices in different currencies, especially for those who are traveling to multiple countries at once. A currency converter will solve that problem and make your app more convenient.

Visa assistance

Tourists traveling abroad need tons of visa assistance, especially if it is their first time, in order to book a trip seamlessly. For example, those visiting India will need to know about India visa online to be able to get their visa without hassle.

Local assistance

A traveler often needs tons of local assistance, such as finding local attractions, transport, restaurants, shopping, and at times, even emergency services. A location-based local to-go assistant will be of immense help while traveling.


Language gap is a huge issue when it comes to traveling. Some countries like India, USA, Malaysia etc. have more than one popular language which makes it even more difficult for travelers. An in-app translator will come extremely handy to bridge the communication gap.

Offline services

At times it is difficult or expensive for travelers to access the internet or even network services, but they might still require certain app-based help. Therefore, it is important to have a feature where travelers can access certain information such as maps, emergency numbers or anything that they choose to save available offline.

Incorporate these user-friendly features into your travel app to attract more users.