Zune phone is not a Zune phone

Here at TG Daily we like comparing Apples and Oranges, or at least Apple and Microsoft, and with all the buzz about the iPad, it seems Microsoft has been trying to generate a bit of its own buzziness with rumors of a Zune phone.

News sites and analysts alike have been propagating the rumors of a phone with the look and feel of a Zune HD, running on Windows Mobile 7 to be released at Mobile World Congress conference in Barcelona in a couple of weeks time, but TG Daily sources in the know say there is no Zune phone, or at least, not in the sense people are expecting.

Some of the rumors have been based around the fact that an upgrade for the pretty Zune desktop software includes a rather telling hint in the Zune.inf file. Apparently the Microsoft.NTx86 and Microsoft.NTamd64 sections have a listing for “Phone.Device,” which according to the bogosphere and global twitterati is definitive and damning proof.

But a source in the know on the subject told TG Daily “there won’t be a phone version of the thingy [Zune].” 

“Microsoft has other plans,” he added.

Asked what those plans were, our source pointed to rumors and leaked pics of Microsoft’s Project Pink, telling us “these are accurate, and this is the so called Zune phone because it runs Zune software.”

Our source tells us the “release date is hyper secret, but not forever away,” and just because the phone is not integrated into a new Zune player, “don’t imagine that no Zune means no Tegra, oh no… MS loves Tegra.” Looks like another win for Nvidia then. Or is that an Nvidia for Winmob?

We’re also told the Pink will likely come with a 5MP camera and will support 720p video. Oh, and of course, including Zune services means it will be able to hook up to the Zune app store too. 

Coming Zune to a phone retailer near you.