Zensify visualizes news with Cloud-based iPhone app

Zensify has launched a free news analysis application for the iPhone and iPhone touch. According to Zensify CTO Tom Campbell, ZenNews generates a visual “tag cloud” based on news trending topics that allows users to track “hidden patterns” in real-time.

“ZenNews combines advanced AI with an easy-to-understand visual tag cloud,” Campbell told TG Daily.

“We have created an application that exceeds simple news aggregation – it’s like having a news analyst in your phone. The application goes far beyond simple RSS, as it incorporates both AI and crowdsourcing alogrithms to deliver relevant and tailored news.”

Campbell explained that the application allows users to easily track 12 specific news categories, including general current events, finance, science, politics and technology. In addition, ZenNews utilizes Twitter to highlight, rate and organize popular news stories.

“Zensify monitors re-Tweets of news URLs and boosts the weighting of news stories that are actively being Tweeted, to leverage both human-assisted crowdsourcing with machine-based AI of potentially relevant news,” said Campbell.

He added that future commerical versions of the program could be used for a wide variety of applications, such as competitor analysis, market trending, client management and disaster management.

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