YouTube and Digital Marketing

When we plan a digital marketing strategy, we often have doubts about the need of a YouTube channel for our company. The truth is that there is no one-fits-all answer to this question.It depends on the business one has, the content that will be created and, above all, the ultimate goal of your marketing strategy.

Not only is the free and easy access to YouTube a factor in its popularity as a marketing tool but also the existence of related software tools that make working with the platform so easy. You can easily convert YouTube videos to MP3, use any free available video editing tool, to add effects or certain music for your promotions, maybe combine it with other YouTube videos and in a matter of minutes you have a completely different new video.

How do you find out if you need to have a channel on YouTube

The first thing you have to consider before deciding to open a YouTube is if people would want to watch videos related to your industry. If the content you want to share is very industry specific, and not really meant to entertain or educate the broader public, it might be better to choose a more industry specific platform, because the chances will be thin of reaching your audience.

The same thing applies if the main goal is to build social relations and build leads with other companies. Youtube might not be the best platform for such goals. However, monitoring your  brand’s performance in search results and lead generation can show whether the videos you post on your Youtube channel really have a positive effect. If so, then the goal is to provide content that might be of interest to your customers.

How to make content that people want to see

The first thing you should keep in mind is that people go to YouTube to watch videos they like. The entertainment is the main objective, information is welcome as long as it does not strain the viewers attention span. To be successful on YouTube you need the perfect balance between clickbait and informative content. Only content that offers the right amount of information and entertainment will help improve your reputation.

Having a channel on YouTube allows you to be more present among your target audience. Once you have attracted attention it is important to keep that interest alive. Of course, it’s important that you don’t just dump content on your channel just for the sake of posting something. Prepare them specifically for this platform, always remembering the need for a coherent communication strategy.

You need to post videos on Youtube that people really want to see. A good way to achieve this is by following one of the following methods:

Tutorials and ‘how to’s

Many people prefer to learn things by following the instructions given by video, because they are easier to understand. Therefore, it is a good idea to post tutorial videos on your Youtube channel, based on your business’s core competence, always showcasing your business knowledge.


If you have a customer base then YouTube is a great platform to keep them up to date on new events, new features or upcoming products. The content can be used as an advertisement or standalone content.

This is also a good way to keep your channel active and increase traffic.

Creative brand related stories

Everyone loves a good story. There is hardly a more effective way to build your brand and make an impact. From car manufacturers, over sports clothing to beer brands, they are all doing it and it mostly pays out. The most important factor is staying authentic and truthful. Many big brands have suffered more damage than gain by twisting the facts on their stories