Yahoo brings video chat to iPad 2

An updated version of Yahoo’s Messenger app for the iPad adds support for video chatting.

The feature is, obviously, only available on iPad 2 devices, and allows users to tap into the front-facing or rear-facing cameras to chat with other Yahoo friends.

This is the first time Yahoo has created an iPad-optimized version of its Messenger app. The online company originally released an iPhone version of the instant messaging platform in 2009, which iPad users have been able to use. However, like any iPhone app that’s used on an iPad, it looks stretched out and not all that pretty.

The update is also worth downloading for those who have an original iPad. As part of the big-screen optimization, users can now see their entire friend list and an active conversation on a single screen, making it easy to toggle between chats.

There are several other iPad apps users can download to make use the iPad 2’s camera, but this is the first one to use a widely accessible PC video chatting program and make it optimized for the tablet.

In addition to video calling, Yahoo Messenger app users can also chat with their friends using the iPad or iPad 2 built-in microphone, turning it into a makeshift phone.

The update is available now. Yahoo Messenger for iPad is a free download.