Woz: I never said Android has more features than iOS

Well, that didn’t take too long at all! Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak is now insisting he was misquoted by a Dutch paper known as De Telegraaf.

Woz – who contacted Engadget with a clarification about an earlier article – explained that he never said “Android phones have more features [than iOS].”

“Woz says he gave the reporter a lengthy demonstration of voice commands on iOS and Android, pointing out that Android offered the ability to say ‘Navigate to Joe’s Diner,’ and suggested that Apple would catch up through its purchases of Siri and Poly9,” wrote Engadget’s Nilay Patel.

“According to Steve, that’s about it – he says he’d ‘never’ say that Android was better than iOS, and that ‘Almost every app I have is better on the iPhone.'”

However, Wozniak did concede to “lightly prognosticating” that Android would become more popular based on what he had read.

“[Still, I expected Android] to be a lot like Windows,” he opined.

“[Now], I’m not trying to put Android down, but I’m not suggesting it’s better than iOS by any stretch of the imagination. But [yeah], it can get greater market share and still be crappy.”