Windows xpPhone thinks its a PC

A Chinese company is to be the first to launch a phone which runs a full version of Windows XP.

The xpPhone, from In Technology Group, includes Wifi, GPS and Bluetooth. It has a 4.8-inch touch screen. A USB port and VGA-out port allow it to connect to external devices.

It’s based around an AMD Super Mobile chip and comes with up to 1GB of RAM. The camera’s pretty feeble at just one megapixel, but should be good enough for video calls, which the company is touting as one of the phone’s big pluses.

Battery life is good for a PC but pretty poor for a phone, at around seven hours.

The new phone might just give a new lease of life to XP – at eight years old, the operating system has been largely superseded.

There’s no word on pricing or availablility, but the company says it is taking preorders.