Windows Phone update patches security issues

Microsoft has issued its first security-centric update to Windows Phone 7.

The update is in response to digital certificates that were obtained by a hacker in March, which triggered Microsoft to pump out a timely security patch to Windows PC users. Because Windows Phone 7 operates with much of the same infrastructure, the vulnerability spread there as well, and today the company began rolling out a patch for its smartphone customers.

“At the time of release, the update is not available for all Windows Phone 7 customers. Instead, customers will receive an on-device notification once the update is available for their phone,” Microsoft wrote in a statement.

It continued, “This update moves the affected certificates to the ‘Untrusted Publishers’ certificate store on Windows Phone, which helps ensure that these fraudulent certificates are not inadvertently used.”

The Windows Phone platform has enjoyed continuous growth since launching late last year but it has also been plagued with problems and oversights, not the least of which is the company’s seeming inability to deploy updates promptly.

Some users are still waiting for a functional software update that adds, among other things, the ability to copy-and-paste text selections, which many complain should have already been a feature from day one. The update was supposed to have been installed on all devices months ago, but there have been numerous delays and a lot of confusion.

With a newly minted deal to bring WP7 to all Nokia devices in the future, Microsoft will have to get its game together.