Windows Phone stores your location too

After all the coverage of iPhone and Android location tracking, Microsoft says its mobile platform does the same thing.

The software giant has confirmed Windows Phone 7 automatically tracks user location data whether or not the user has GPS service enabled.

Unlike the breaking iPhone story, though, Microsoft has become very forthcoming about its location tracking data. The company released an FAQ on the issue, in which it says such information is never sent to third parties.

What is also different about Windows Phone 7 is that users actually have the option to disable location tracking from a menu within the phone’s settings.

Microsoft wants to collect data for meta analysis and knowledge about where GPS, WiFi, and other wireless data signals are available, but it also respects user privacy. At least in this instance.

Mobile software makers are currently the target of a federal investigation. The growing concern over location tracking has government officials wondering if there’s any such thing as user privacy anymore.

In addition to location information being saved within the phone’s operating system itself, several apps find and transmit the data to third-party ad networks and other companies.