Windows Phone ‘Mango’ will have 500+ new features

Tomorrow, Microsoft is set to unveil the new version of Windows Phone and it looks to be a massive update.

We’re talking really massive here. According to CEO Steve Ballmer, “over 500 new features” will be rolled out to the mobile operating system, and all current Windows Phone users will be eligible for the upgrade, according to a report from Business Insider.

The new version will be called Windows Phone 7.5, and carries the more affable code-name “Mango.” Microsoft will officially show off the new version at an event in New York City tomorrow morning.

While it would take some time to run down the list of 500+ new features, some of the new enhancements expected to actually be worth talking about include the addition of “live tiles,” which are animated versions of the widgets that users can currently customize their home screen with.

There are also rumors that Microsoft will lift the veil on a handful of new Windows Phone phones tomorrow, a move that could pump some new energy to the platform.

It’s even possible that the company might announce a new hardware partner or two, which it needs in order to compete against the likes of Android. However, it is not expected that any Nokia Windows Phone devices will be in attendance at the event.

The announcement comes after Microsoft has shown a bit of weakness in updating the WP7 platform. The company pushed back what many considered a minor functional update for months earlier this year.

TG Daily will be at tomorrow’s Microsoft event so we’ll be sure to grab all the dirty details. Stay tuned.