Windows Phone 7’s release date is November 8: report

Microsoft has remained mum on when exactly its new mobile phone operating system will launch in the US, but a new report suggests it will be on Monday, November 8.

Microsoft insider Paul Thurrott has written on his Windows Phone Secrets blog about the release date, citing a “very reliable source.” That would be at odds with Microsoft’s initial release target of October. Given the company’s lack of Windows Phone 7 announcements, it makes sense.

Rumors had popped up over the weekend that WP7 might be launching on October 11. Microsoft began sending out invitations for an event on that date. But Thurrott says that is an “annual event” and has nothing to do with Windows Phone.

Still unknown is exactly what phones will be available on launch day. Most of the major manufacturers have announced support for the new platform. However, it has only received a tepid reception so far.

Android has dominated the airwaves and remains, by far, the favorite choice for mobile phone makers. Most of them have, however, mentioned Windows Phone 7 as a side note.

It will take a lot for Microsoft to get back in the game. Android has become a universal system across almost every major manufacturer and users have grown very familiar to it. Microsoft’s last attempt at relevance, with the Kin line of phones, failed miserably.