Wimm Labs designs a wearable mobile platform

Wimm Labs has debuted an ARM-powered wearable mobile platform that could potentially change the way people interact with their devices.

“The highly scalable platform runs Android and is an open one. This allows for easy customization of both software and hardware,” a Wimm Labs rep told TG Daily during a briefing in San Francisco.

“Basically, our licensees can build modules that act as a stand alone system with indigenous downloadable apps, or as a hub which allows users to more easily interact with their smartphones (Android, Blackberry and iOS), tablets and even PCs via Bluetooth or WiFi.”

Indeed, Wimm Labs has already designed a number of fully-functioning prototypes in various form factors, including bike mounts, watches, pendants, belt clips and keychains.

Despite their small size, the prototypes boast some fairly impressive specs, including GPS capabilities, magnetometer/accelerometer, 1.4 inch color touch screen, 30+ hours of battery life and two processors; one for sleep/passive display mode, and the other for full-on app interaction. 

The Wimm module will also arrive pre-loaded with a library of custom watch faces and core micro apps, such as caller ID, SMS preview, lost phone warning, calendar, weather and a world clock. 

The Wimm One developer preview kit and SDK will be available in Q3 2011. In the meantime, Wimm has outlined numerous “early scenarios” for the platform, including athlete watches, business C&C devices, payment automation, advanced health monitoring and military modules.