Will October 4 be the iPhone 5 reveal date?

The latest report about Apple’s expectedly mysterious new addition to the iPhone family pegs that the company will hold a giant media event on October 4.

That will be when the world finally gets to officially see the iPhone 5, according to AllThingsD which cited “sources close to the situation.”

A few things will be markedly different than the last time a new iPhone was announced. For one, Steve Jobs will in all certainly be absent. Instead, new CEO Tim Cook is likely to be the guy to lift the metaphorical curtain.

Additionally, unlike previous iPhone announcements, there is still some lingering doubt as to the extent of products to be revealed. Some have suggested Apple might unveil two phones – perhaps something like an iPhone 4S and the iPhone 5.

Meanwhile, there is still lingering, though shrinking, speculation that Apple could also show off the iPad 3. That seems unlikely but not completely out of the question.

Also unclear is if Apple will make a declaration about the iPhone making its way to Sprint, largely believed to be the next carrier to nab the iPhone privilege.

In other words, while we absolutely know there is a new iPhone on the way, we know very little about it. That’s just the way Apple likes it. Mr. Jobs would certainly be proud.

If the October 4 event does in fact materialize, there’s still one more question – when will the new iPhone actually be released? Hopefully Apple will surprise everyone and say it’s coming out later in the month.