Will iPad become PornPad?

Apple’s long anticipated iPad has been a long time in coming, and as reviewers from the Technorati weigh in on whether or not to buy one, the porn industry is also sizing up the device’s pros and cons.

But, whereas the iPhone was generally hailed a revolution to “porn-on-the-go,” the industry seems a little more split as to whether or not the iPad – with its larger, more peripherally visible screen, lack of easily downloadable adult content and double handed holding needs – will satisfy.

According to Lux Alptraum of Fleshbot, the main problem with the iPad is the fact it can only really hook up to three sources for downloadable content; Apple’s app store, iTunes and iBooks – none of which are pro porn in any way shape or form. 

Also, somewhat ironically considering the subject matter, if you want to browse for a bit of mobile mischief, you’ll have to do so without Flash-based streaming. No flashing on iPad, shocka.

Of course, Lux kindly points out that one could always go to the trouble of pumping porn onto the device by first uploading it to iTunes on another machine, in much the same way as iPorners do today with their handhelds, but it does rather put a bit of a dampener on the proceedings.

Also, broadcasting your porn to everyone sitting within a 20 meter radius – while some may find it friendly and generous – is likely to garner some angry looks and unpleasant reactions from others.

But when you consider the options, a PornPad could be just the solution some have been seeking. As one source who wishes to remain anonymous told us: “I can’t put porn on my work computer because the IT department spies on us, I can’t put it on my home computer because I don’t want the kids to find it, I hate watching porn on my phone, because its crap on a small screen, so having it on my personal tablet will be ideal.”

Our source went on to say, “there are certain things you don’t share. You don’t share your undearwear with others, you don’t share your toothbrush, you don’t share your data rich mobile phone, and you DON’T share your porn filled tablet. It’s going to be a supremely personal dev ice.”

Our biggest concern, however, is whether or not it’s is impervious to water based lubricants, after all, it is supposed to be 60 percent more absorbent than other leading pads.