Will Apple enter the HDTV market?

Although numerous reports suggest Apple is poised to enter the HDTV market, one analyst says such a move isn’t necessarily a foregone conclusion.

Then again, Maynard Um of UBS Investment Research does believe the “logic is sound” for Cupertino to hit the market with a slick new product capable of differentiating itself from the competition.

“We believe there is a likelihood Apple will enter the television set market at some point in the future. [Nevertheless], we do not expect this to happen in the next year,” Um wrote in an investors note obtained by AppleInsider.

“[That being said], Apple is most likely to target the fusion of TV and set-top box market, the connected TV. [This will] enable [the company] to add value through its innovative hardware/ease of use, iTunes ecosystem and provide a better overall consumer experience.”

According to Um, Cupertino could increase its market cap by an impressive $100 billion if it managed to snag significant industry share like Sony, Samsung and Phillips.

“If a consumer came to Apple to purchase a television set and have it installed by a Genius, the person may also choose to purchase an iPod Touch, iPad, an Airport wireless router or Time Capsule… Hence, the service could [also act as an effective] ‘halo effect’ driver for more Apple products,” he added.