Why is Web Hosting in Australia so Slow?

So a little while back, I had to switch my web hosting server from that of the UK to Australia for some reason. And I realized that web hosting was no longer the same for me. It was just such a slow and draggy process. This does not mean that Australia does not have any usable servers, in fact, websites like NetRegistry hosting are good and reliable servers that can be used for web hosting. It is the internet speeds in Australia overall that have deteriorated so much that if any of us is used to the average speeds in the US and the UK, Australian web hosting will seem no less than torture.

Even so, the average peak internet speed of Australian internet is decidedly slow than many developing countries like Philippines and Vietnam. According to recent surveys, Australia ranks as number 51 when it comes to internet speeds.

There are many ISPs in Australia that receive complains after complains of slow internet that the average user is experiencing. This is why we see many Australians in the country who are absolutely frustrated by the internet speeds in Australia. This is in spite of the fact that many Australian ISPs boast of providing high speed internet when in reality they receive as many complains about slow internet as the next guy.

So in a country like Australia where internet itself is so super slow, it is no wonder that internet based jobs and businesses like web hosting are so un-flourishing. If speed is not of great importance to you and you think you can handle a little bit of slow internet, then there is absolutely nothing wrong with Australian servers. They are quite reliable as well.

But why exactly is internet so slow in Australia? Well there might be a couple of reasons for that. The very first reason that comes to mind is labor party conflicts. They had a plan in mind for the 2020s when fiber optic cables for internet were carried directly to the homes of the internet users and they will receive extremely high speeds of internet; approximately MBps. When the time came to put the plan into action, all we saw was an increase in the expenditure that the project brought forth and speeds that were still below par.

This was not the only reason for why Australia has slow internet. Another huge reason is Australia’s geographical size. Countries like Singapore have the highest speed of internet in the world. It is significantly higher than that of Australia. But these countries are much smaller than Australia in terms of geographical size. Therefore their cables do not have to run so far and all household get speeds that are satisfactory.

Another reason is the freedom of internet that Australians are enjoying. Australian internet is completely uncensored by the ISPs and the government. This is why there are more exploring opportunities but at the same time, there is also a lag in speed.