Why do digital marketers need VPN?

E-commerce is at its peak. Online shopping has now become a norm. 91% of people search products and services online this is why it is essentially important to have an organized digital marketing strategy. Businessmen clearly knows the importance of marketing. In this technological era, there are hundreds of ways to advertise your product through digital means. But if you want to consider tools outside of the box, then Virtual Private Network (VPN) is the right one.

You must download the VPN program in order to gain a competitive edge. It allows you to connect to an offsite secure server send your traffic along a different route through that service. Encrypted data allows your data to remain protected and it will hide your IP address.

Here are some reasons why VPN is such an important tool for digital marketers.

Keep a look on competitor ads

Spying on competitor ads is always essentially important for a digital marketer. Of course you do not want to steal their ideas but keeping a look on their strategies and what is working for them can enable you to make modifications to your marketing plans. This will enable you to devise a strategy for your website’s promotion.

However spying can be difficult at times. When you look at ads on content aggregators, they personalize them for you based on your previous engagements with them. Types of ad they show may not be same as to those other customers are exposed to. You cannot even see what brands are being promoted through advertisements in other cities. You can overcome such issues using VPN services.

Link building

A digital marketer may build links for several clients using the same website. Unfortunately, some sites only allow one or few links from your profile page which prevents you from building links to different web properties.

The way out is to create multiple accounts. But the issue is that many websites will track IP addresses to prevent people from creating multiple accounts in short period of time.

VPN can be used to get rid of this issue. It can hide or change your IP address so you can create many profiles to enhance your digital marketing strategy.

SEO impacts

When you are working with SEO, you want to see what the rankings really are. This has become a much difficult task since Google keeps making search results more personalized. Even the option is turned off, it can be a bit tricky. VPN can be useful here. When you search using a new IP address, the search settings are reset. It is unlikely that there are personalized results because the traffic is encrypted and different people searching same IP address would make Google assume that the results cannot be personalized.

SEO marketing professionals also work with sensitive and vulnerable accounts. You do not want the data to be damaged under any circumstances. VPN is the best solution to protect your data from prospective hackers. Encrypted connection will work in this case.

It will even give you better access for search results overseas. You will be able to see your page as a native which is the real key to SEO breakthrough. In this manner you can get to know the demands of potential customers and optimize accordingly. VPN lets you appear from a different location of server which helps to tackle the mentioned situation accordingly.


VPN is something that every digital marketer must avail. You can come out with different ways to leverage the facility. However there are few disadvantages if a bad VPN service is opted.