White iPhone not flash enough for you? Try this

Well, that’s tasteful. UK company Goldgenie, which specializes in glueing glittery stuff to standard consumer products, has launched a Royal Wedding iPhone.

Available in a limited edition of 50, the phone comes in platinum, gold or rose gold. The latter two, costing £20,050 and £20,100, are obviously for cheapskates, so we’ll concentrate on the platinum version.

This comes with a solid platinum rear, and looks much like the company’s other precious phones, apart from having two complete strangers’ names embossed on the back. For some reason the Apple logo gets embellished with diamonds, but the commemorative bit – the names William and Catherine, with the date of the wedding and a royal crown – doesn’t.

“The bezel has been set with quality sapphire and diamonds similar to the late Princess Diana’s wedding ring,” says the company, adding that the phone will become a rare collector’s item as well as a valuable investment.

It costs £23,050, and might make a good alternative for anyone who’s bored already with the white iPhone – although we’re not entirely sure to the nearest millimeter just how thick it is. A potential deal-breaker, that, of course.

Incidentally, the company is looking for franchisees, whom it provides with gold-plating solutions, Swarovski crystals and the like. Founder Laban Roomes says that even as a one-man-band he was earning over £25,000 per month.

“This business has literally brought me everything I have, simple and highly profitable it’s the best money making business I have ever had the privilege of being involved in,” he says. Nice work, if you can get it.