White iPad 2 possibly in the works

Apparently coating the iPhone 4 in a different color is the most difficult thing known to mankind, as Apple delayed the launch of a white version of the device indefinitely. So get your grains of salt ready, but there’s a new rumor that the iPad 2 will have a white counterpart.

9to5mac.com has found a picture from iFixYouri of what appears to be a white bezel for a new version of Apple’s iPad, and speculates that could mean Apple has actually figure out how to order different-colored parts for the same product.

Apple is said to officially unveil its iPad successor in two days, so we’ll see if anything is announced there, but for now this just remains a rumor.

The white iPhone 4 became something of an embarrassment. After Apple delayed its launch date numerous times, everyone pretty much just gave up on it. The company said in terse press releases that the process of finding parts that could easily be put on the manufacturing line was harder than it anticipated.

Thus, we don’t have extremely high hopes for the prospect of a white iPad 2, but Apple does have to do something to prove its worth in the tablet market. Motorola’s Xoom, LG’s G-Slate, and Samsung’s Galaxy Tab are all giving the iPad a run for its money.