What is tutu app and its features?

The users who download the app for free are very familiar with tutu app. It is especially very popular for games like Pokemon goes basically it is a Chinese’s app store which provides games and other application for free. As it was initially made in Chinese language, foreign user found it difficult to use then the developer came up with the more updated version in English. They changed the name from tutu app to tutu helper and kept the tagline as “The Best iOS and Android Helper”. The app consists of two versions tutu helper regular and the other one is called as VIP or premium. The major cause of it popularity originated when it became the single and the first platform which released the modded Pokemon go game and. It also includes fake location hack, walking and GPS hacks.

The app has many characteristic that are not being offered in another app. People call it a magical app, but it is more popularly known as a bunny assistant, as it has a small bunny monogram. Tutu app is also now available on PC, android and ios devices. It aims to bring the famous games like Clash Royale, Pokemon Go, and many other such games under one platform. It gives players a better experience and a relieved environment to playing. It’s simple to use with user-friendly interface and quick access buttons to navigate through the application.

Features of tutu app:

Tutu app offers some of the most stunning features. The first one is the most evident, and that is that it is free on Android and iOs. It can also be downloaded on both jailbroken devices and jailbroken in IOS. For androids, it is installed on rooted and unrooted devices. The tutorial steps for installing this app on the two devices are different, and they need to be understood well before actually installing it. It offers a pretty comprehensive and decent interface to work on. It is specially optimised for desktops, tablets, and phones with built-in cache cleaner and memory optimizer.


It is often asked whether tutu app is a scam or not? According to the reviewing site like MyWOT and site advisor we see that tutu app is not a risky, scam or fraudulent. It is easy to use and safe for children. It can be said as legal; to scrutinize and ponder over the security of tutu app we see the data on the web only. But no review can pledge or promise that the app could not mistakenly do fraud. In most of the cases crowdsourced data is the most trusted one and the majority of the people goes with it. There are many online reviews available about the tutu app. If we consider it’s brighter side it is a well organized and properly oriented app and its resources are safe and risk-free. The negative reviews also contain the brighter side in it. The comment goes like that the scammers are responsible for defaming the tutu app’s name and reputation if there are some deceptive cases that are experienced by the victim.