What is Artificial Intelligence and What is it Used for?

The machines have not yet gained dominance over the world but is in the process of doing so. They have seeped into our lives influencing the way we eat, sleep, work and live. From vocal personal assistants like Siri and Cortana to more complex technologies, AI has been in severe application today.

But the technology is still under progress. Many companies still do not consider it a necessity. But what AI actually is? This may be a matter of. Some may refer it as any piece of software has AI it has an algorithm that responds on the basis of pre-defined inputs or user behaviors. However some may consider it a machine that can learn on its own. A neutral network which can make connections and reach conclusions without depending on previous behaviors. A true AI can get better and smarter allowing itself to enhance its knowledge and capabilities.

Many companies like Apple and Google have been bringing revolutionary changes to the AI. Many individuals like Indrasen Poola have been working on its betterment. But still many of us are unaware about its application all over the world. Here are some of the uses listed:

Virtual personal assistants

Siri and Cortana are two popular examples of virtual assistants. They help users to find useful information when you ask for it using your voice. The assistant relies on the information you give and finds relevant replies to it. It even interacts with other commands for better responses. It continually learns about the user and serves the result tailored to your preference.

Video games

This is one of the instances where AI is used massively. In fact it has been used for a very long time. But the effectiveness has exponentially increased over the past years where gaming characters learn your behaviors and respond according to that. First person shooter games like Call of Duty has made significant use of AI.

Smart cars

Self-driving cars are slowly becoming a possibility now. Tesla’s auto-pilot is one example that have been in the news lately. Google have reportedly come with an algorithm where self-driving cars can learn to drive cars on their own like humans getting better as they get experience.

The basic idea is that car will be able to look ahead of it and make decisions based on what it visualizes. This has taken AI to a whole new next level.

Online customer support

Many online retailers now give customers an opportunity to chat with a representative who actually is not a human but a computer. These chat support bots are automated responders who can extract knowledge from the website and present it to the customers when they request about it.

The real obstacle hereby is that chatbots need to understand the human jargon which is really difficult. The way in which customers communicate and computers talk is radically different. Translation is not an easy process. But the chat bots are getting better in time by advancing in the NLP.