Warning: LG Star puts your smartphone to shame

LG’s upcoming Star smartphone features some pretty tricked-out specs that will put your current device to shame.

Indeed, the Android powered handheld boasts a dual-core, Tegra 2 processor, along with an HDMI port.

And as Phandroid’s Quentyn Kennemer points out, Nvidia’s T2 chip is definitely living up to its hype. 

“Tegra 2 brings about a nice score on Quadrant and Berryjuice,” he writes.

“[It] completely outclasses [Samsung’s] Galaxy S.”

So, what’s the big deal, you ask?

Yeah, maybe the phone is a bit faster than my Nexus One or Galaxy S, but so friggin’ what?

Well, let’s just think about this for a moment.

Next-gen phones like the Star could very well compete with laptops, netbooks and tablets in our Cloud-centric future.

For example, don’t feel like lugging your laptop or netbook to and from work? 

No worries!

Simply hook your phone up to an external monitor and check your e-mail, browse the web and edit docs using a portable Bluetooth keyboard/mouse.

Of course, you can also use your next-gen phone to stream full-length videos from sites like Hulu, YouTube and Netflix.

Sure, I realize that the (mainstream) industry isn’t quite there yet, but such a mobile-centric future isn’t all that far off.