Want to Improve Your Site’s ranking? – Avoid These 5 Common Mistakes!

Although there may arise some problems when working on SEO, most of them can be averted by simply choosing an ideal approach. One important point to note here is that by failing to have adequate link power is a punishable offence by Google. You may be working hard to market your content, but if it doesn’t appear in search engines, chances are that you are committing one of the 5 common mistakes committed by most content marketers. Click here https://www.linksmanagement.com/free_seo_reports/ to read more concerning these offenses and how you can avoid them.

1. Concentrating on likes other than links

Unless you incorporate SEO objectives into your social plan, it will be totally misaligned. SEO helps to strengthen your social media plan. In order for your site to rank high in Google’s search results, you will need links more than the retweets, likes or shares. In this case, you will need to find highly talented bloggers to connect to your website in order to enhance your social campaigns.

2. Misplacement of content

Quality content requires being strategically positioned so that it can attract a greater number of links to your website. They should be placed where the links directly lead to your website rather than having to go through other sites containing numerous links connecting to other people’s sites and most importantly, at a point that does not render your site a nofollowed.

The fact that external links in social media sites like Pinterest, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn or Twitter are nofollowed doesn’t make them an ideal place to post your content. Sites such as BuzzFeed or Huffington Post may also not be the best attributing to the fact that you will be operating under their editorial terms and the amount of links on your page.

As a matter of fact, if you want to enhance your link authority, it could be wise if posted it on your one website.

3. Focusing on an incorrect audience

While it may not be that easy, if you don’t direct your content marketing strategies to an appropriate buyer, chances are that you won’t sell it. Arguably, your customers are not the essential audience, but those influencers on the internet who command high levels of power in front of Google. In order to achieve the most out of your marketing campaigns, you will need to focus on people who are ready to link back to your site from trustworthy, powerful, essential sites. However, if your work is to create content pieces for other people, then you have missed the point. Being relevant and developing high quality content is key.

4. Focusing on activity

Unfortunately, most SEO experts tend to focus most on activity. Given the perception that it is one of the SEO best practices, they will want it to appear on their to-do list. The truth is that there are things on your to-do list that do not deserve to be there and it is high time you removed them because they won’t add value to your site.

Items such as Meta descriptions fall into this category. They have no impact on your rating and therefore do not have to be given priority alongside title tags. The best way, therefore, is to focus on the results by developing a huge, hairy, bold objective that accommodates every member in your staff and making efforts to attain it. The moment you achieve your desired goal, you can now look for a fresh goal instead of focusing on the remaining items on the list.

5. Not getting assistance from a power user

Power users play a critical role in link building. They include social media specialists, celebrities, bloggers or journalist with a big number of followers on social media. Having one power user at your disposal is sufficient to turn things around. While it may not be easy to find one, the moment you get one, you can rest assured that your content will go viral.

Bottom line: As much as it the aforementioned mistakes can seem obvious, the influence they have on your site’s ranking can be devastating. It is therefore important to avoid them at all costs. You can learn more on the same here https://www.linksmanagement.com/free_seo_reports/.