Wal-Mart gets the iPad on Friday

For most people, it’s a dream to get their product sold at Wal-Mart. When it comes to the iPad, though, Wal-Mart is the lucky one, as Apple is now letting the world’s leading retailer sell its tablet computer.

Wal-Mart and Apple have confirmed the iPad will be going to the discount store by the end of the week. It’s a huge move that will bring the tablet computer, once considered a niche device, to hundreds more storefronts across the country and bringing the total footprint of the iPad to more than 2,300 locations.

When the iPad first launched over the summer, it was available only in Apple Store locations as well as Best Buy. It has since been added to the inventory of Target and a handful of leading online retailers.

The addition of Wal-Mart to its brick-and-mortar lineup means the iPad is quickly becoming on track to be as ubiquitous as the iPod is.

Initially, though, the iPad will only be sold on Wal-Mart’s website, however customers will soon be able to order it online and pick up a unit in the store. Apparently it’s too much of a security risk to actually have iPads out on display on the store floor.

Although it usually tries to discount its products off the MSRP by at least a few cents, Wal-Mart will be required to sell the iPad at its full list price.