Vonage launches mobile app for the Blackberry and iPhone

Vonage has launched a mobile calling application for smartphones. The app – which runs on the Blackberry, iPhone and iPod Touch – is to offer low-cost international calling rates over Wi-Fi or cellular networks.

“Our new mobile app is an important step in establishing Vonage as a software technology company that enables high-quality voice and messaging across any device in any location, providing great value over any broadband network,” explained Vonage CEO Marc Lefar.

“With Vonage Mobile you can call around the world from home, a Wi-Fi hotspot, or while traveling around the country. There are no access numbers or new phone numbers to give to friends and family. Simply enter an international number or select a contact from the existing contacts on your iPhone or Blackberry and hit send.”

The mobile utility could help the company improve its industry standing, which was undoubtedly affected by an October 2008 warning that Vonage stock was in danger of being delisted from the NYSE.

Indeed, Vonage recently confirmed that it had “regained compliance” after closing share prices for the 30 trading days ended September 28, 2009 exceeded $1.00.