Vizio sheds light on Theater 3D TV line

Vizio has unveiled a whole bunch of TVs that it plans to introduce in its game-changing line of Theater 3D products.

Unlike all the other major 3D TV manufacturers out there, Vizio’s idea is to recreate the technology that’s used in theaters. That is, you can actually use the same glasses you used to watch Tron in 3D at the theater to watch Tron in 3D at home.

Sounds awesome. Almost like there should be no point to those other 3D TVs that require you to buy special 3D glasses that cost $150 – $200. But here’s the problem. That technology they use in theaters is not exactly the best technology in the world. And it works even less spectacularly on small, personal TV screens. But, nevertheless, it does work, and it’s cheap.

Vizio first announced this platform-shifting move in a terse press release late last year, but now it has detailed all the models it plans to unveil. And there’s a whole bunch of them. From very low-end, 32-inch, 60Hz sets with no Internet connectivity, to astounding 71-inch sets with all the trimmings, Vizio hopes to catch a lot of the 3D market share by sheer volume of availability.

“Theater 3D is a significant move forward from the conventional Active Shutter TVs introduced last year. Users immediately experience a brighter picture, no flicker, less crosstalk, and the comfortable glasses enabling them to enjoy the content without the technology getting in the way.  And by making this next generation 3D affordable VIZIO aims to fulfill our brand promise of Entertainment Freedom for All,” said Vizio CTO Matthew McRae in a statement.

While the active-shutter glasses and stereoscopic 3D TV sets still provide the most stunning 3D effects for the home market, we have no doubt consumers will appreciate this low-cost option, and it could be very instrumental in actually making the 3D transition a quicker and much more plausible event for homes around the country.