Video: Overclocked Galaxy S II hits 1.504GHz

An XDA Dev member has managed to successfully overclock a Samsung Galaxy S II smartphone to an impressive 1.504GHz.

“1.5GHz is a 25% overclock and makes this fast phone even faster and snappier in day to day usage,” coolbho3000 explained in a forum post.

“This speed is enough to allow it to achieve really high benchmark scores like over 4000 points in Quadrant.”

Fortunately, coolbho3000 managed to keep the voltage stable at a cool 1375mV when clocked at 1.504GHz.

“Depending on your device, there may be even more headroom. I’ve gotten speeds of up to 2GHz to boot with instability (my unstable 1.8GHz Linpack run is currently in the Linpack top 10), but at very high voltages and temperatures.

“So leave it up to other developers to give you higher/more dangerous frequencies and voltages. If you stress the CPU a ton the phone will become hot to touch, though it does to a certain extent even at stock frequencies – there is not much thermal insulation between the processor and your hands in such a thin phone,” he added. 

Want to learn how to overclock a Samsung Galaxy S II? Detailed instructions can be found here, but remember, be careful, as you do so at your own risk.