Video: How to turn your EVO 4G smartphone into a desktop PC

Sure, we’ve all dreamed about the day when we can ditch our desktops and laptops for a single mobile device. 

ARM’s Cortex-A15 processor – which could hit the streets by the end of 2012 – is likely to usher in a new generation of devices with the potential to do just that.

Fortunately for you early adopters, an XDA member known as Lokifish Marz has already taken the (experimental) plunge by configuring his EVO 4G as fully functional computer – using a mouse, keyboard, speakers and monitor. 

Pretty impressive, right?

I mean, especially since the entire setup is based on the EVO 4G, which is powered by a current-gen ARM chip.

Of course, smartphones won’t replace traditional PCs for mainstream consumers by 2013 or even 2015, but we are definitely charting an exciting course towards a brave new world of mobile devices.

[Via Android Police and XDA Devs]