Vibrating chair simulates snogging, popcorn

Japanese wire reports on a chair which is a puzzle wrapped in an impenetrable enigma.

The wire says that Living Technology Co has launched a chair which makes you feel like you’re in a concert hall or a kinema when really you’re sitting at home.

The 250,000 yen (~$2,600) chair, according to nikkei, has an inbuilt gizmo that turns low frequency sound into vibrations, and that makes you feel like you’re in a theater.

But the story doesn’t say exactly how this chair makes you feel like you’re down the local fleapit. Are these low frequency sounds things like popcorn being munched or people snogging two rows back?

I’m afraid that I will never know. I am not lashing $2,600 on a vibrating chair when all I need to do is turn off the lights and step up the volume. The story is here (sub required).