Verizon would rather you ditch Android Market

If you happen to own a Droid, Thunderbolt, or any other Android phone running on Verizon, your method of getting apps just grew a new wrinkle.

Verizon, which stands as the #1 carrier in the US with the most subscribers and the consistently highest customer satisfaction ratings, has unveiled a new app interface for its user.

That means instead of pulling up the Android Market when you’re looking for a new piece of content to keep you busy on your morning commute, Verizon would rather you launch Verizon Apps.

Officially replacing its less-than-spectacular V Cast Apps storefront, Verizon Apps will have a very strong search algorithm, developed by a company called Chomp that actually specializes in app-searching technology.

This is the latest in what could be a growing trend for Android. Many users are dissatisfied with the built-in Android Market app, making it very easy for third parties to come in and offer their own app interfaces.

For example, Amazon’s Appstore has gained significant traction, and it requires users to go through more steps than just using the Android Market. But Google made it difficult to search and browse through its own platform.

With Verizon Apps, it will be easy to search for, say, role-playing games or video streaming apps. You won’t have to know what the app is called; you just have to know what you want the app to do. The service will also allow users to pay for apps by charging their Verizon bill instead of their credit card.

Verizon Apps has not gone live yet, but it will soon.