Verizon will launch six 4G phones at CES

With the world’s largest consumer electronics trade show just a few months away, companies are gearing up for some big announcements and we’re already getting a peek at what will be in store for Verizon.

Tom’s Guide reports that Verizon president Lowell McAdam said this week that it will use CES as the official spot to announce its first round of 4G phones – a whopping half dozen of them.

Verizon’s 4G network, using a technology called LTE (Long Term Evolution), will be the second in the country among the major mobile carriers. Sprint was the first to launch a next-generation mobile network over the summer, and has enjoyed that exclusivity to help pump up sales of its flagship Evo 4G phone.

There’s still no indication of when exactly Verizon’s new network will be up and running, or when any of these phones will be available, but Verizon has said previously that 38 cities will be LTE-connected by the end of the first half of 2011.

Verizon has also previously said that the first device to take advantage of its 4G service will be USB sticks for computers, letting users connect to the high-speed network from their computers. Mobile phones that can actually take advantage of the high speeds, though, shouldn’t be too far behind.

CES begins just a couple days into the new year so keep your eyes peeled for more juicy info in the weeks leading up to then.