Verizon tops in customer service, AT&T dead last

Customers are twice as happy with Verizon service than AT&T, and only report one-third the amount of dropped calls. Is there a map for that?

According to a survey from ChangeWave Research, the results of which were just released, AT&T customers said that over the last 90 days, on average 4.5% of their calls were dropped. That’s more than any other carrier.

And it’s a very big jump from Verizon, which came in at the bottom of the list. Verizon customers only reported a 1.5% drop rate. Sprint and T-Mobile were in the middle, with customers reporting 2.4% and 2.8% of their calls being dropped, respectively.

Customer satisfaction seemed to line up alongside dropped call rates, again with Verizon at the top, AT&T at the bottom, and Sprint/T-Mobile in between.

49% of respondents who were Verizon customers said they are “very satisfied” with their cellular service. Sprint had an admirable 35% favorable response. However, AT&T and T-Mobile trailed far behind, both with only 23% of their customers saying they’re very satisfied.

Despite its well-known worst-in-class service, AT&T is sitting high right now as the exclusive service provider in the US for the iPhone. That’s about to change, though, as AT&T’s contract with Apple will expire this year. The wireless carrier has been trying to convince Apple to renew its exclusivity deal but Apple appears to have no such interest. ChangeWave asked Verizon customers how likely they would be if the iPhone were to come to Verizon. 53% said “very likely” or “somewhat likely.”