Verizon iPhone pre-orders begin

Like moths to a flame, Verizon customers are being tempted today with the striking reality that is the iPhone running on their mobile network. Anyone who currently has Verizon service has been able to pre-order the Apple phone since 3:00 this morning.

It was only officially announced a few weeks ago, but Verizon users have been waiting for their turn to get the iPhone ever since rumors about it losing AT&T exclusivity began in the middle of last year.

Today’s pre-orders only apply to those with existing Verizon wireless service agreements. Everyone else will have to wait until February 9, and Verizon is fulfilling orders on a first-come, first-served basis. That means by the time general pre-ordering opens up, supply may be low.

However, we’re pretty sure Apple and Verizon have been stockpiling these babies to ensure no one who wants an iPhone will be turned away.

There are two versions of the iPhone – a $199 16 GB model and a $299 32 GB model. Both are priced exactly as they are with AT&T.

Today marks the beginning of the end of AT&T’s tyrannical reign with the iPhone. The device brought it more success than it could have ever hoped for, and the carrier is bracing for a very sobering 2011.

However, competition is always good in this industry. AT&T is now making good friends with Windows Phone 7, and plans to step its game up with better phones and service this year.

Meanwile, though, Verizon is sitting pretty high as it prepares to cut the ribbon on the moneymaking machine that is the iPhone. [[iPhone]]