Verizon droid guns for iPhone

Verizon appears to have given up any hope that it will ever get an iPhone contract from Apple. Its latest campaign for the new Motorola Droid is packed chock-full of attacks on Apple.

In an Apple-like font with Apple-like graphic design it says:

idon’t have a real keyboard
idon’t run simultaneous apps
idon’t take night shots
idon’t allow open development
idon’t customize
idon’t run widgets
idon’t have interchangeable batteries
everything idon’t

Just to stick the knife in, the site uses a lot of Adobe Flash which will run on practically every phone in the world other than the iPhone. Droid uses Android OS 2.0 which can run flash very nicely thank-you.

As you might expect, the black shirted Apple Fan boys who show up on various Web 2.0 sites to bully people into buying their expensive toys are not taking this sort of advertisement lying down.

The usual suspect Apple blogs are predictably reacting in their normal restrained manner and spouting outraged indignation.

The only real hitch is that Verizon refers a lot to “open development” in regard to its applications.  Droid is not part of the Verizon Open Development Initiative. It appears to be a closed off Verizon-branded device which it controls with an iron fist.