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"Universal search" feature comes to Google Mobile

Google’s newest smart search functionality, which tries to guess what question you’re asking and answers it before you even hit “search,” is now available on the online giant’s mobile platform as well.

“Universal search” is Google’s name for an expanded version of its drop-down search suggestions box. So if you type in “30 + 24,” before you even hit the search button one of the suggested results that pops up will say “30 + 24 = 54.”

Or if you type in a flight number, it will automatically pull flight tracking information for that flight. Looking for a conversion rate? Type “USD in pounds.”

All of this stuff happens right on the Google home page without the need to load an official results page. Google rolled this feature out to the full HTML version of Google.com in December and now it’s available on its mobile search site as well for the following platforms: iPhone/iPod Touch, Palm, and Android.