Understanding the Types of HDMI Cables

When choosing the HDMI cables, it is necessary to consider the best type because there are so many types of these cables available in the markets. Buying new cables for your home or office depends on the devices you are going to use. It is also important to know about the devices in order to choose the compatible cables. Why information about best cables is important? As a matter of fact, it works when you try to upgrade the entire system to obtain excellent performance. It is also essential to purchase the right cable which is compatible with the systems and devices.

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You are suggested to consider this reliable and popular store to identify the best types of cables. It is believed that finding the types of these cables is a technical matter so only engineers should handle it. No doubt, it is a technical matter but there are options to identify the best types without professional supervision. It would be excellent if buyers focus on the types available at stores.

Type A cables:

These are considered original ones because these have been designed to work with HDMI 1.0 compatible systems and devices. The most excellent feature of these cables is the connectivity with 19 pins. These pins allow the users to install and operate HD systems without any problem.

Type B cables:

Well, these are also original but an upgraded version for the users looking for improved quality. These cables hold 29 pins to maintain the bandwidth. This additional feature allows the users to experience best performance when using high resolution screens.

Type C cables:

In fact, these are the variant of original type A. However, there are different features present to make them prominent. These cables have been produced for HDMI 1.3 systems. There are only 19 pins available but with a small space configuration. It is easy to use a convertor to connect Type A and Type C cables.

Type D cables:

These are considered excellent for the HDMI 1.4 devices. Just like type A and C, these have 19 pins but the size is very small. These are excellent for small space operational rooms.

Category 1 cables:

These are certified cables for the 74.5 MHz. These cables provide guarantee about the high performance with high resolution screens. These cables have been tested for most of the function and found appropriate. These are also called Standard hdmi cable.

Category 2 cables:

As a matter of fact, category 2 cables are an upgraded version of category 1 cables. These have been certified for high performance devices. These are high speed cables with a working speed of 340 MHz.

It is recommended to utilize the shorter cables in order to avoid the signal degradation. On the other hand, it is easier to produce and install a short cable than a long one. Consider the above mentioned types in order to make the best choice when looking for an appropriate option for your purpose.