Ultimate nerd phone: R2-D2 Droid 2 details are here

There usually isn’t a lot of mobile phone news that breaks in the annual Star Wars convention in Orlando, but this year it apparently is the hub of Motorola’s special edition Droid 2 that looks so cool, I want to drop my Droid early and pay full price for this sucker.

Dubbed as a “Star Wars Empire Strikes Back Special Edition Phone,” the R2-D2 phone is a Droid 2 phone that has been designed to look like everyone’s favorite midget (I mean, “little person”) robot, R2-D2.

Verizon made a brief mention of the special version of the phone in its official press release for the Droid 2, but there were no images of it and no release date specified. Now, courtesy of Android Central which happened to have a user at the Star Wars con, we know that it will be out September 30, and now everyone knows what it’ll look like.

Based on the official R2-D2 Droid website, it looks as though, in addition to having a sick design, the phone will pack in some exclusive Star Wars content as well.

Motorola had to strike a deal with George Lucas, the visionary who created the Star Wars movie series, to even use the name Droid (that’s right; Lucas got the exclusive trademark to the word “Droid” back in the 1970s). But not many people realize the Motorola-Lucas relationship. That’s all going to change when this hot phone launches next month.

There’s no word yet on how much it will cost, but we wouldn’t be surprised if there might be just a little bit of a premium over the standard Droid 2’s $200 price tag (after 2-year service contract subsidy).