UK Government minister says iPhone is a security risk

London, England – UK Security Minister, Lord West of Spithead, says he won’t carry an iPhone or Blackberry due to security concerns.

Speaking at a press conference yesterday to announce the set-up of the UK’s Cyber Security Operations Centre, Lord West said that he fears attack from muggers or hackers and does not feel safe in his home neighborhood in east London.

Instead, he prefers to carry a ‘stone age’ mobile to lessen the risk of losing sensitive or confidential information. Waving his phone at reporters, he said: “It’s also to stop being mugged. I live in Hackney. If they see that, they are more likely to feel sorry for me and give me a fiver.

“And it’s easier for those nasty bastards who will try to steal things to get information from mobiles with internet links than from paper documents,” added the former Royal Navy Admiral. “In the old days, when people used quill pens, you had to knock the chap on the head and grab the letter from him. [phones] make the individual more vulnerable.”

The minister added that the relatively small number of smartphones in use in government circles reflected problems in making them secure if they were lost or stolen.

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