Twitter, SMSes were the seed of Iran "revolution"

The Iranian dictators banned mobile phones and access to Twitter in an attempt to stifle opposition to an election result challenged by the opposition as a fraudulent result.

A massive demonstration by anti-Ahmadinejad protestors took place in Tehran, the capital city of Iran today, demonstrating against the “result” – the government banned mobile phone coverage and downed Twitter in an attempt to suppress opposition.

The chief opposition candidate, Mir Hossein Mousavi, told a crowd of hundreds of thousands that he thought the vote was fixed, the BBC said.

But acting president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad maintains the vote wasn’t rigged, The authorities acted fast to shut down cellphones and access to the Internet which used live chat like Twitter.

Wires like AP and AFP said security forces opened fire against the protestors, with at least one person killed and several people injured.

The religious authorities in Tehran this evening decided to allow an investigation into whether the election was rigged, the BBC reported.  The authorities in Iran have banned the BBC.

Much of the coverage of the Iranian election was taken by individuals using their cellphones, who then uploaded the stories to YouTube. See here, for example. If cellphones and net access is down, it is hard for anyone to judge what is happening in Iran right now.