TurboTax lets you file taxes from your phone

Sorry for the reminder, guys, but it’s tax season. But at least it can be a bit easier on you this year, as Android users will be able to file their taxes from their phone for the first time with TurboTax.

Intuit, the publisher of the TurboTax software line, first introduced a mobile version of its program last year, for the iPhone. It’s been upgraded this year and also ported over to Android, making the process of preparing your taxes on-the-go a bigger reality than ever before.

The mobile version of the software is called SnapTax, and takes advantage of your phone’s features, like the built-in camera. Instead of typing in all your tax info, you can simply take a snapshot of your W-2 form and it’ll fill in everything for you.

Unfortunately, it’s still only available for the majority of Americans who have a simple tax return – AKA, those who pretty much only have a W-2 and nothing else. If you have any 1099 income or have complicated deductions, SnapTax won’t even work for you.

But if you’re curious, the download is free. You can prepare everything without paying a dime. And if you are one of the easy cases and can do everything from the app, you can e-file everything right there for $14.99. That’s a special early-bird price for users who file before March 25. After that, the price will jump.

In this world, it’s always nice to find something that makes your life a bit easier, and this certainly fits that bill.