YouTube surpasses Yahoo as world’s #2 search engine

Chicago (IL) – ComScore’s most U.S. search engine Rankings for August 2008 suggest that YouTube achieves a greater level of search traffic than Yahoo. If you were to consider YouTube’s integrated search a regular search engine, you would have to hand Google the top two spots for search engine traffic. In combination, Google has about four times the search traffic of Yahoo and more than ten times the search traffic of Microsoft’s MSN sites.

The report detailed a total of 11.7 billion core searches made by Americans, and saw Google extend its search market share by 1.1 points to 63%. The second spot went to Yahoo (19.6%), Microsoft came in third (8.3%). and AOL were fourth and fifth respectively, both with less than 5% of the market share.

A bit further down in the report, there is a surprising piece of news, hidden in ComScore’s “Expanded Search Query Report.” Google attained the highest number of search queries in the month of August – 7.6 billion. But the second spot is now held by YouTube 2.6 billion. YouTube not only pushed Google beyond 10 billion searches for the first time, but also replaced Yahoo as the world’s second largest search service: Yahoo’s traffic dropped by 5% from July 2008 to 2.4 billion.

The entire search traffic of Microsoft sites is estimated by ComScore at 1.0 billion searches.

Other sites to rank on the expanded search list include Ebay (434 million searches), Craigslist (335 million), Facebook (186 million) and MySpace (585 million).