Will Apple’s Get a Mac commercials ever get old? Yes.

Opinion – Yawn. Apple replied to Microsoft’s Laptop Hunters ads. Apple replied with Megan to Lauren and a PC Choice Chat to highlight the weaknesses of a PC. And yes, Apple forgot to mention its own weaknesses. And we wonder how dumb computer buyers really are why Apple’s creative team is convinced that these ads are still funny. We got it, Apple. Time to move on.

Sure, the whole personification around the Mac vs. PC idea was fantastic, but the campaign is in its fourth year and it is showing its age. You can repeat a message and certain jokes only so often until it gets old. This latest trio of ads is a direct response to Microsoft’s Laptop Hunters campaign, which, admittedly, wasn’t a highlight in advertising history either.

Now we have Megan – Apple’s Lauren – who is looking for a PC with a big screen, a fast processor and no viruses, and ends up with a Mac. Of course, Megan does not have a budget. Maybe Apple’s market research can help me out here: Is it true that Apple buyers have unlimited budget, because if I am not mistaken, then Megan will be ending up with a $3000 Mac here.

And then there is the PC Choice Chat which tells us that PCs do not run stable and we have another commercial that tells us PC customer service is a disaster. May be true, but gee Apple, why don’t you clean in front of your own door? We have plenty of examples of complaints of Apple customer service here that not necessarily shine a bright light on your customer service either.

Fine, I admit, these ads were funny at one point, but Microsoft responses are getting a bit old and should be reserved for school projects. They aren’t funny anymore. They are plain ridiculous.   

Wolfgang Gruener is the founder of TG Daily. The opinions expressed in this commentary are solely those of the author.