Sixty million Facebook users are Borg

Social media marketing outfit uSocial, otherwise known as the Borg Collective, claims that 20 percent of Facebook’s 300 million users are now under its thrall. sells Facebook friends and fans to businesses and now claims to influence 60 million Facebook users.

“With the method we use, we can reach over sixty million Facebook users at any one given time,” says uSocial CEO Leon Hill. “This number is growing all the time as we increase our reach, but at this time it accounts to a large portion of Facebook which we currently can contact on behalf of our clients.

“Resistance is futile,” he may have added.

The company says it reaches a huge number of users because of partnerships it has with prominent figures on Facebook, some who have fan bases in the millions.

“When a client wants us to get fans to their own page, we promote them through our partner’s pages,” said Hill. “This drives traffic and then legitimate signups to their page.”

uSocial says business is booming and claims to have taken over a quarter of a million dollars in sales since the launch of the service a few months ago.

But Facebook Central isn’t too pleased with uSocial’s operation and sent the company a cease and desist notice, though an agreement has now been reached.

“We’ve come to some mutually-agreeable terms with Facebook regarding our service. We have no intention of taking it down,” said Hill.