High Efficiency detergents improve laundry experience

Los Angeles (CA) – Often, single men find themselves at the local laundry emporium, a fistfull of quarters in hand, and very often, they find themselves hoping that the experience will be more fulfilling than merely removing skid marks and ketchup stains. They dream of finding single, lonely lingerie models in the same predicament. However, that is never the case so, thank the stars above that someone came up with HE detergent. High efficiency detergent to those unclear on the concept. It promises to change the laundry experience and your life. I kid you not.

Yes, it is a very slow news day so, here is an excerpt from a press release that will just rock your world:

LaundryHE.com powered by Wisk is a new online resource for the laundry community and those looking to learn more about High Efficiency detergents and washing machines.

“HE” stands for “High Efficiency” and is the only choice in detergents if you own an HE washing machine.

However, there is still a lot of confusion around HE and this site aims to provide clarity, community interaction and helpful tips from experts on how to improve the laundry experience.

Be part of the growing dialogue and check back often for new tips, videos, contests and suggestions.”

Do not be a dumbass. Go to this site, and get into HE detergents. You’ve got your videos, your discussion groups, and your Washing Wisdom. It will move you, dude. Chicks will fall over themselves to get at you once you show your mastery of the HE liquid. Yes, there is also a Twitter button right there which should be a hint to anyone who still hasn’t got it, Twitter is about to implode and suck the planet into a black hole of narcissm and ennui.

It’s funny because it’s true.