Google is getting personal, ads will target viewer’s interests

Mountain View (CA) – Perhaps taking a cue from the recent Yahoo success, Google will also bring a personal advertising campaign to your browser. A tailored advertising frenzy will soon be provided to you free of charge by Google, based not only on the web sites you visit, but also from cookies Google will leave on your computer to aid in further refinement and a new plug-in which will make the data persistent — though you will have some control over how much Google does this.

Google’s Brad Bender write in a blog that a new tool called Ads Preferences Manager will be provided, which allows users to view, delete or add specific categories of interest so that ads which are more interesting can be received.

In addition, users can opt out of the AdSense partner cookie network by following this link. To ensure that the decision to opt out is respected, Google is not just dropping a cookie with your preferences (because cookies can be deleted), there they have provided a plug-in which maintains the opt-out choice.

The philosophy is stated by Google:

“At Google, we believe that ads are a valuable source of information — one that can connect people to the advertisers offering products, services and ideas that interest them. By making ads more relevant, and improving the connection between advertisers and our users, we can create more value for everyone. Users get more useful ads, and these more relevant ads generate higher returns for advertisers and publishers. Advertising is the lifeblood of the digital economy: it helps support the content and services we all enjoy for free online today, including much of our news, search, email, video and social networks.

“We believe there is real value to seeing ads about the things that interest you. If, for example, you love adventure travel and therefore visit adventure travel sites, Google could show you more ads for activities like hiking trips to Patagonia or African safaris. While interest-based advertising can infer your interest in adventure travel from the websites you visit, you can also choose your favorite categories, or tell us which categories you don’t want to see ads for. Interest-based advertising also helps advertisers tailor ads for you based on your previous interactions with them, such as visits to their websites. So if you visit an online sports store, you may later be shown ads on other websites offering you a discount on running shoes during that store’s upcoming sale.”

Google stated their online advertising partners have been asking for this kind of service for “a long time.” The company has added the user controls because they recognize that such advertising practices (those which specifically and directly target a person’s viewing habits as are known to Google) may be a privacy concern issue for many users.

See Google’s blog: Making ads more interesting.