Five Hair trends in 2017

We are moving more towards a fashion-oriented world and your hairstyle plays and important role in it. We all want to have the perfect hairstyle in order to standout in the crowd. Nevertheless, it doesn’t matter whether you have straight hair, curls or waves, 2017 brings a lot of opportunities to test out the most desired hair trends tried by celebrities and street-style stars. After consulting top hairstylists and colorists, here are some of the predictions about the biggest hair trends in this new year.

The high pony

Ultimate hair gurus, creators of styling products and master of exceptional hairstyles have listed high pony as the best trend. High ponytail will make its mark in 2017. Being a versatile option, it can be worn on the go with jeans and a T-shirt but many celebrities have changed the convention such as Kendall Jenner by considering the option on red-carpet. It is a combination of elegance and ease. The tighter ponytail is secured, more lifted your face will look.

Flat waves

Being the new trend, these flat iron waves are neither beachy nor bouncy giving a new curly look. These waves created are more subtle in nature. You just have to create a bend in your hair by pushing it upward. Finalize the shape with few clamps of your iron. Repeat the process. If you want a more polished finish then keep the ends straight.

Boyish hair

Anyone having angular facial features can try the neutral look with both hands this year. However, this look is not only for women with sharp jawlines and high cheekbones. Many hairstylists have preferred this hairstyle considering it as a transformative trend. It is a dramatic change. If you have a softer face then you can go for a more angular cut.

This is only recommendable if you love changes. It will take a couple of years to grow your hair back. However, for change lovers this is an ideal haircut. You can enjoy every stage of it till your hair grows to original form again. Just made clothing adjustments according to the look you want.

Super straight

2017 is inclining more towards curly trends and all that stuff but going back to your super-straight hair is an amazing idea as well. Time to go back to the old tradition.

You can start with a perfect blow dry and freshly washed and conditioned hair. Go over your hair with a tooth comb after detangling it. It will make your hair look smoother and shiner. Use your hairdryer properly. Take your time, there is no need to rush.

Modern bob

Bob hairstyle is predicted to make a comeback in 2017 but with a little bit of modification. Bob is a hairstyle that will never go out of fashion due to the elegance and unique look it offers but we will see a different line in the cut this year. Straying away from the classic cut, we will see shorter back and longer sides to enhance the look.