Complete list of 273 + 11 root domain names

Chicago (IL) – An organization called IANA (Internet Assigned Numbers Authority) publishes a root zone database, which lists all top-level domains, such as .com, .org and .net. TGdaily has compiled this list into a reference chart which describes each domain, or its country of association. Typically commercial uses in other countries will be prefixed with “.com” or “.co”, as in “” being a .com-like address for the United Kingdom. However, sometimes they go simply with their country’s extension, as in Coca-Cola Canada (

There are 244 country codes, as well as 11 test domains that are not used for any purposes other than testing and are excluded from this list. The sponsored domains are reserved for use by their associated agencies only, and as authorized by them. The ones listed as generic or generic-sponsored are generally available for use by anybody who chooses to register a domain.

Any person or company can register a domain on the common domain extensions, such as .com, .net, .org, etc. A domain registration typically requires hosting for the website, and prices begin around $5.95 per month (less some places, considerably more others) and generally go up from there depending on bandwidth requirements, storage requirements, and other commodity-related specifics.

List of all top-level domain names (the right-most part of a properly formed URL address, such as “.com” in “”):

Domain Type Description
.AC country-code Ascension Island
.AD country-code Andorra
.AE country-code United Arab Emirates
.AERO sponsored Reserved for members of the air-transport industry
.AF country-code Afghanistan
.AG country-code Antigua and Barbuda
.AI country-code Anguilla
.AL country-code Albania
.AM country-code Armenia
.AN country-code Netherlands Antilles
.AO country-code Angola
.AQ country-code Antarctica
.AR country-code Argentina
.ARPA infrastructure Reserved exclusively to support operationally-critical infrastructural identifier spaces as advised by the Internet Architecture Board
.AS country-code American Samoa
.ASIA sponsored Restricted to the Pan-Asia and Asia Pacific community
.AT country-code Austria
.AU country-code Australia
.au Domain Administration (auDA)
.AW country-code Aruba
.AX country-code Aland Islands
.AZ country-code Azerbaijan
.BA country-code Bosnia and Herzegovina
.BB country-code Barbados
.BD country-code Bangladesh
.BE country-code Belgium
.BF country-code Burkina Faso
.BG country-code Bulgaria
.BH country-code Bahrain
.BI country-code Burundi
.BIZ generic-restricted Restricted for Business
.BJ country-code Benin
.BL country-code Saint Barthelemy
.BM country-code Bermuda
.BN country-code Brunei Darussalam
.BO country-code Bolivia
.BR country-code Brazil
.BS country-code Bahamas
.BT country-code Bhutan
.BV country-code Bouvet Island
.BW country-code Botswana
.BY country-code Belarus
.BZ country-code Belize
.CA country-code Canada
.CAT sponsored Reserved for the Catalan linguistic and cultural community
.CC country-code Cocos (Keeling) Islands
.CD country-code Congo, The Democratic Republic of the
.CF country-code Central African Republic
.CG country-code Congo
.CH country-code Switzerland
.CI country-code Cote d’Ivoire
.CK country-code Cook Islands
.CL country-code Chile
.CM country-code Cameroon
.CN country-code China
.CO country-code Colombia
.COM generic Generic top-level domain
.COOP sponsored Reserved for cooperative associations
.CR country-code Costa Rica
.CU country-code Cuba
.CV country-code Cape Verde
.CX country-code Christmas Island
.CY country-code Cyprus
.CZ country-code Czech Republic
.DE country-code Germany
.DJ country-code Djibouti
.DK country-code Denmark
.DM country-code Dominica
.DO country-code Dominican Republic
.DZ country-code Algeria
.EC country-code Ecuador
.EDU sponsored Reserved for post-secondary institutions accredited by an agency on the U.S. Department of Education’s list of Nationally Recognized Accrediting Agencies
.EE country-code Estonia
.EG country-code Egypt
.EH country-code Western Sahara
.ER country-code Eritrea
.ES country-code Spain
.ET country-code Ethiopia
.EU country-code European Union
.FI country-code Finland
.FJ country-code Fiji
.FK country-code Falkland Islands (Malvinas)
.FM country-code Micronesia, Federated States of
.FO country-code Faroe Islands
.FR country-code France
.GA country-code Gabon
.GB country-code United Kingdom
.GD country-code Grenada
.GE country-code Georgia
.GF country-code French Guiana
.GG country-code Guernsey
.GH country-code Ghana
.GI country-code Gibraltar
.GL country-code Greenland
.GM country-code Gambia
.GN country-code Guinea
.GOV sponsored Reserved exclusively for the United States Government
.GP country-code Guadeloupe
.GQ country-code Equatorial Guinea
.GR country-code Greece
.GS country-code South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands
.GT country-code Guatemala
.GU country-code Guam
.GW country-code Guinea-Bissau
.GY country-code Guyana
.HK country-code Hong Kong
.HM country-code Heard Island and McDonald Islands
.HN country-code Honduras
.HR country-code Croatia
.HT country-code Haiti
.HU country-code Hungary
.ID country-code Indonesia
.IE country-code Ireland
.IL country-code Israel
.IM country-code Isle of Man
.IN country-code India
.INFO generic Generic top-level domain
.INT sponsored Used only for registering organizations established by international treaties between governments
.IO country-code British Indian Ocean Territory
.IQ country-code Iraq
.IR country-code Iran, Islamic Republic of
.IS country-code Iceland
.IT country-code Italy
.JE country-code Jersey
.JM country-code Jamaica
.JO country-code Jordan
.JOBS sponsored Reserved for human resource managers
.JP country-code Japan
.KE country-code Kenya
.KG country-code Kyrgyzstan
.KH country-code Cambodia
.KI country-code Kiribati
.KM country-code Comoros
.KN country-code Saint Kitts and Nevis
.KP country-code Korea, Democratic People’s Republic of
.KR country-code Korea, Republic of
.KW country-code Kuwait
.KY country-code Cayman Islands
.KZ country-code Kazakhstan
.LA country-code Lao People’s Democratic Republic
.LB country-code Lebanon
.LC country-code Saint Lucia
.LI country-code Liechtenstein
.LK country-code Sri Lanka
.LR country-code Liberia
.LS country-code Lesotho
.LT country-code Lithuania
.LU country-code Luxembourg
.LV country-code Latvia
.LY country-code Libyan Arab Jamahiriya
.MA country-code Morocco
.MC country-code Monaco
.MD country-code Moldova
.ME country-code Montenegro
.MF country-code Saint Martin
.MG country-code Madagascar
.MH country-code Marshall Islands
.MIL sponsored Reserved exclusively for the United States Military
.MK country-code Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of
.ML country-code Mali
.MM country-code Myanmar
.MN country-code Mongolia
.MO country-code Macao
.MOBI sponsored Reserved for consumers and providers of mobile products and services
.MP country-code Northern Mariana Islands
.MQ country-code Martinique
.MR country-code Mauritania
.MS country-code Montserrat
.MT country-code Malta
.MU country-code Mauritius
.MUSEUM sponsored Reserved for museums
.MV country-code Maldives
.MW country-code Malawi
.MX country-code Mexico
.MY country-code Malaysia
.MZ country-code Mozambique
.NA country-code Namibia
.NAME generic-restricted Reserved for individuals
.NC country-code New Caledonia
.NE country-code Niger
.NET generic Generic top-level domain
.NF country-code Norfolk Island
.NG country-code Nigeria
.NI country-code Nicaragua
.NL country-code Netherlands
.NO country-code Norway
.NP country-code Nepal
.NR country-code Nauru
.NU country-code Niue
.NZ country-code New Zealand
.OM country-code Oman
.ORG generic Generic top-level domain
.PA country-code Panama
.PE country-code Peru
.PF country-code French Polynesia
.PG country-code Papua New Guinea
.PH country-code Philippines
.PK country-code Pakistan
.PL country-code Poland
.PM country-code Saint Pierre and Miquelon
.PN country-code Pitcairn
.PR country-code Puerto Rico
.PRO generic-restricted Restricted to credentialed professionals and related entities
.PS country-code Palestinian Territory, Occupied
.PT country-code Portugal
.PW country-code Palau
.PY country-code Paraguay
.QA country-code Qatar
.RE country-code Reunion
.RO country-code Romania
.RS country-code Serbia
.RU country-code Russian Federation
.RW country-code Rwanda
.SA country-code Saudi Arabia
.SB country-code Solomon Islands
.SC country-code Seychelles
.SD country-code Sudan
.SE country-code Sweden
.SG country-code Singapore
.SH country-code Saint Helena
.SI country-code Slovenia
.SJ country-code Svalbard and Jan Mayen
.SK country-code Slovakia
.SL country-code Sierra Leone
.SM country-code San Marino
.SN country-code Senegal
.SO country-code Somalia
.SR country-code Suriname
.ST country-code Sao Tome and Principe
.SU country-code Soviet Union (being phased out)
.SV country-code El Salvador
.SY country-code Syrian Arab Republic
.SZ country-code Swaziland
.TC country-code Turks and Caicos Islands
.TD country-code Chad
.TEL sponsored Reserved for businesses and individuals to publish their contact data
.TF country-code French Southern Territories
.TG country-code Togo
.TH country-code Thailand
.TJ country-code Tajikistan
.TK country-code Tokelau
.TL country-code Timor-Leste
.TM country-code Turkmenistan
.TN country-code Tunisia
.TO country-code Tonga
.TP country-code Portuguese Timor (being phased out)
.TR country-code Turkey
.TRAVEL sponsored Reserved for entities whose primary area of activity is in the travel industry
.TT country-code Trinidad and Tobago
.TV country-code Tuvalu
.TW country-code Taiwan
.TZ country-code Tanzania, United Republic of
.UA country-code Ukraine
.UG country-code Uganda
.UK country-code United Kingdom
.UM country-code United States Minor Outlying Islands
.US country-code United States
.UY country-code Uruguay
.UZ country-code Uzbekistan
.VA country-code Holy See (Vatican City State)
.VC country-code Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
.VE country-code Venezuela
.VG country-code Virgin Islands, British
.VI country-code Virgin Islands, U.S.
.VN country-code Viet Nam
.VU country-code Vanuatu
.WF country-code Wallis and Futuna
.WS country-code Samoa
.YE country-code Yemen
.YT country-code Mayotte
.YU country-code Yugoslavia (being phased out)
.ZA country-code South Africa
.ZM country-code Zambia
.ZW country-code Zimbabwe

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